15 Dec

Effective web design

Your key to success in cyberspace is a well deisgned website. You need a strategy that will help you create a successful on-line presence. We can help.

18 May

Using Firebug

If you're a developer, then you always run up against a vast array of problems that need solving. When it comes to debugging the CSS of a web site, a FireFox Add On called FireBug has been extremely helpful to me.

17 May

Clearing your head

Sometimes I can work on an issue literally for hours without finding a solution. I'll scour over code line by line pulling my hair out trying to find out why a certain piece of code is not working correctly.

06 Nov

Templates Part 11: Setting up a sub-page template

Some designs call for a separate sub-page template, and some don't. For example, simple layouts that use a header, a menu below that, the page content and then a footer may not need a separate template for sub-pages.

06 Nov

Templates Part1: How to upload your own design into rave7

rave7 allows you to use whatever HTML your comfortable with to create your websites. You can use JavaScript, Flash, your own CSS files, whatever you want. Just design your site and don't even think about rave7 to start.