Adding/Editing Pages

Every page in the web site is a sub-page of another page. In other words, every page has a parent page.

Adding A New Main Menu Item

After logging in, access the Content Manager menu and click the "Add Main Menu Item" button:

This will open the WYSIWYG editor where you can add the new page. Notice the "Page Type" will be set to Main Menu Item. This is what actually makes a page appear on the main menu. Use the "Page Title" text box to enter the title for your new page:

Adding A New Sub-Page

To add a sub page to an existing page, locate the parent page in the document tree, right click on the link and click the "Add Subpage" option:

Adding/Editing Pages

Above, we have added a sub-page the the support page. The "Page Type" will be defaulted to Web Page. This just means the page is a sub-page of another page. Enter the desired HTML into the WYSIWYG editor and click save.

Editing/Deleting A Page

Using the document tree, locate the page, right click on it and click the "Edit" option. This will open the page into the editor. You can also navigate through the website, and clck the edit option:

Adding/Editing Pages

* You must be logged in to the web site with appropriate security access to edit/add/or delete a page.

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In order to edit anything in a rave7 managed web site, you first must assign security rights to the desired users.